AI Powered Integrated Diagnostics Explorer
Complex diagnostics, simplified
Why We Built It
We built IDEx after years of watching technicians struggle to diagnose and repair difficult issues. We watched as manufacturers desperately tried to improve the situation by authoring and reauthoring diagnostic trees. To solve the problem, we needed to challenge the status quo.
We designed IDEx to give technicians a powerful diagnostic toolset, one that combines best-authored product specifications with a powerful AI engine.
IDEx corrects a flawed and inefficient diagnostics and repair process and rebuilds it from the ground up. It frees authors and technicians from primitive diagnostic trees and lets them focus on relationships between problems, tests, and effects. IDEx quickly finds and verifies root causes without sacrificing user control.
And IDEx provides an essential view into technician field data, analyzing all historical cases to identify consistent issues and most-probable solutions. This further improves the diagnostics experience and helps identify product issues before the point of manufacture.
How it works
Who uses IDEx?
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